Dr Tagbo Ilozue

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I came to the bar from medicine. I was attracted by the type of thinking needed for the law; the forensic linguistic reasoning used in understanding, analysing and applying legal principles. Using that thinking on a daily basis over the course of my pupillage with 3PB has made it one of the most intellectually stimulating years of my life.

I began pupillage with a Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence specialist and continued it with a specialist in Criminal and Regulatory Law, so I have acquired significant insight into those four areas of practice. But Chambers has also given me many opportunities to see and undertake work in multiple additional areas of law. One of the key things that appealed to me about 3PB was the fact that it is a multi-disciplinary set with a broad range of specialisms. I have been exposed to a wide variety of practice areas during my pupillage and this has helped me to develop clarity about the type of law to which I am best suited and the fields in which I would like to specialise.  

Pupillage is undeniably hard work. Over the year there have been a few late nights and working weekends as tight deadlines have loomed. But on balance, the workload has always been at a manageable level.  At 3PB the entirety of pupillage is firmly understood to be, and expressly protected as, a period of training and development. During my first six, my supervisors were the gateway for all requests of written work sent to me, and they oversaw matters to ensure I did not get overloaded. During my second six I have been more independent and taken on more responsibility for managing my workload. But I have remained protected and supported by Chambers to guarantee that I am never overwhelmed; by policy, 3PB places limits on the number of hearings in the diary each week to ensure that, alongside appearances in court, pupils have sufficient time to prepare, undertake paperwork, and continue to take advantage of shadowing supervisors and other tenants. 

3PB also makes express provision in its pupillage policy to ensure pupils are given a variety of different types of work during pupillage. I have found the variety of the work particularly enjoyable. My instructions during second six have taken me to both the county court and magistrates’ court on a regular basis. To date I have appeared in fast track and small claims trials, stage 3 hearings and infant settlements, applications, mentions, first appearances, breach of bail hearings, and sentencing hearings. My instructions for written work have required me to draft pleadings and advices in Personal Injury, Contract and Regulatory matters.

My favourite aspect of the job is the advocacy. It is an enormous privilege to give a voice to others and speak on their behalf, and ultimately it makes it much easier to put in the effort and work required; nothing motivates me more than the huge responsibility of acting for the welfare and best interests of those whom I represent. I was well equipped with a firm foundation of skills from the excellent programme of advocacy training and evaluation provided by Chambers during my first six.