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Dhanashree Mehta

Consulting Development Analyst


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"It really goes a long way to be able to show curiosity about the technology around you and the willingness to learn."

What I do

I graduated in 2019 with a bachelor’s degree in Financial Economics and joined the Consulting Graduate scheme at Accenture back in January 2021. Prior to joining Accenture, I had completed a few internships in Consulting & Banking. I decided to pursue a graduate career in consulting as it felt like the best place to keep on learning and developing skills before selecting a “niche” to go into, which is what attracted me to the profession. It allows generalists like me to try different things out of university, whether its different functional skills or different industry skills.

I was one of the first batches of ACGs (Analyst Consulting Group) to join the firm since the pandemic and it’s been a great experience so far with getting the chance to work on numerous different interesting projects & initiatives to date. I've had the chance to work across numerous industries in my first 12 months at Accenture.

Since December 2021, I’ve chosen to align to the Comms, Media & Telecoms Industry Consulting Group with a focus on our Software & Platforms clients. Our clients in Software & Platform include some of the biggest technology companies in the world and I enjoy the fact we get to help these clients that we use on a day-to-day basis solve problems and help them be more efficient.

A day in my life

I currently work on a project as a Program Manager with one of our S&P clients to streamline their Vendor Management Processes. I get the opportunity to work with a global team to deliver high quality work with the client. A normal day for me includes having a few meetings during the day, aligning with colleagues in Singapore, India & Dublin and speaking to numerous Vendors. The meeting ranges from some Discovery Sessions to Project Management Meetings to discuss progress on the work completed. Every day is quite different and that’s what keeps things interesting!

Outside of my client work I am on the Core Team for our Software & Platforms Social Commerce Global Big Bet. It’s great to be involved in the process of developing new go-to-market offerings so early on in my career, as it gives you good insights into how Accenture develops new and innovative solutions for our clients.

My advice

The advice I have for people looking to apply to Accenture is to be genuinely interested in technology and to proactively read out new trends in the area (Accenture regularly releases thought leadership articles, which are interesting across a wide range of industry groups depending on your interests!) and build up your general awareness. It really goes a long way to be able to show curiosity about the technology around you and the willingness to learn.

In terms of applying to the graduate scheme, my advice would be when you’re applying, it’s ok to not know exactly what you want to go into at Accenture, consulting is a very broad career path, and it takes time to find your “home”. It’s more important to show that you’re a curious person who wants to find out more, ask the questions to be able to make an informed choice and not be daunted by going into a situation where there are a lot of unknown variables because it will happen from time to time!

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