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Ife Igbekele

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‘It’s far easier to be yourself in an environment where you know your individualism is truly cherished and appreciated, and you grow in dedication to the cause when you see the positive impact being generated all around you.’

What I do

I am currently studying Economics at Loughborough University, and prior to arriving at University I always admired the thought of completing a placement year. Before joining Accenture, I had a bit of corporate work experience, but had none relating to consulting. However, I had attended an Accenture open day during 6th form in 2018, so when I saw the name reappear, I thought it would be great to apply given my minor familiarity.

Since beginning the placement year internship, I’ve been exposed to knowledge, services, and capabilities I never knew existed. I’ve worked on projects and side of desk work in a variety of different industries. Ranging from Consumer Hoods & Services, to Mining, to Supply Chain. All of these roles have challenged me in different ways. Acquiring industry knowledge, having different asks required of me by my teams, and working with colleagues and clients from different parts of the globe has been a surreal experience.

Also, funnily enough, I’d say one of the steeper, but most valuable learning curves was simply just understanding how things function in a corporate/professional setting. I’ve picked up on several intangibles that I know will be invaluable going forward. Likewise, upon joining Accenture the learning opportunities one gets both formally and informally really help you shape your path both professionally and personally.

Moreover, I’ve certainly enjoyed the camaraderie amongst my intern cohort, especially at our socials. The networks I’ve been most involved with are the ACF (Accenture Christian Fellowship), AACN (Accenture African Caribbean Network), and within that, the award-winning ABC (Analyst Black Community)!

A day in my life

As aforementioned, my role has varied a fair amount, given the different projects I have partaken in, and even still within each project. I’d say the main tasks I’d typically get as an analyst would be anything PMO related.

I’d probably describe this as the underlying work that helps keep projects ticking, which could be any of the following & more: from creating account resources for workshops and presentations, to conducting research & creating key documentation, to reaching out to team members to help things remain in-sync and chase up follow-up actions. Again, this changes frequently and since day one I’ve had the general mindset that every day could likely bring a new, different task that challenges me in one way or another. Being aware of this keeps me on my pivot!

I’ve worked in teams varying in size and in management structure. Having had the opportunity to work with senior leadership on multiple occasions, my biggest takeaway from those experiences is to always try and pick their brains as much as possible! Their experience is invaluable and given the right line of questioning they frequently drop bits of insight that make you go ‘hmm’, and help you reflect and see a broader perspective of the scenario.

My advice

In everything, always try and bring the best you possible. Bring your spark, unique perspective and stay true to yourself throughout. Try as much as possible to bring value wherever you go and seize as many learning opportunities as you can muster! Lastly, make sure to speak up if ever curious/in doubt about anything, as there are so many networks and support systems in place!

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