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Kavishan Prabarajah

Technology Architect Analyst


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“Step out of your comfort zone, challenges teach you valuable lessons.”

What I do

I'm a Graduate Technology Architect Analyst at Accenture and my role is to work with our clients to define application and technical requirements, ensuring that these requirements tie back to the established customer requirements and the technical direction is consistent with the client’s long-term strategy.

Recently, I was working on a single sign-on implementation and integrating single sign-on to the existing system the client was using. This enables the client to access all their web applications without typing any credentials. This reduces the time used in password typing and improves user experience and reduces password loss.

I also enjoy participating in extracurricular activities. I attended a virtual hackathon where my team built a prototype to match job seekers with relevant opportunities. I learned some popular technologies such as MongoDB, React and developed soft skills.

A day in my life

As a DevOps Architect, I am responsible for designing and building architecture in AWS as per project standard and integrate all application requirements. This role helps to understand the cloud elements by making your hands dirty.

A typical day consists of working with AWS and other cloud applications to build an Automation Platform, checking any active vulnerabilities to make sure the platform is vulnerability free, and deployments of the platform across other environments. As an agile project, we have a daily stand-up where we discuss our current progress and issues with the DevOps team. I also update the client about the progress and answer any questions they have and help them to understand any technical work by explaining them, avoiding any technical jargons. When implementing any new features to our system we make technical documents and hand them to our client. I worked on a few of them on the current project.

If I get some free time, I normally go through the existing project documents and try to understand the project in a bit more detail and if I have any questions, I try to get help from my senior DevOps Architects. As we are living in a world of virtual meetings, I try to network with others in the project by scheduling a bi-weekly call. This helps me understand other experiences and skillsets we have and any skill gaps in the project.

As a Technology Architect, we follow T-shape skillset. The horizontal bar in “T” represents wider basic knowledge and the vertical bar represents deep knowledge/expertise in one area. Accenture offers many free trainings, and I am upskilling myself in AWS by allocating 2 hours each week. This helps me to understand the other elements of AWS and helps me to keep up with the current trends across cloud.

My advice

Be yourself and you do not have to know everything. It is okay if you do not know something on your project, as you can always reach out to your colleagues or learn by enrolling yourself onto training sessions. There is no such a thing as a silly question!

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