Ashley Thomson


Ashley Thomson

Trainee Solicitor - Edinburgh

Addleshaw Goddard

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How I got here

After studying law at university I was fortunate enough to secure a spot on the summer vacation scheme. Having read a lot about AG online, I was interested to see if my experience of the firm would match that described in the marketing material, being that of a culture of inclusivity, innovation and drive . I'm pleased to say that this was exactly what I was met with as soon as I walked through the door. Spending time in two different departments, Employment and Litigation, I experienced first-hand the work ethic of the individuals who make up the firm but I also soon gained an understanding of how approachable and supportive everyone was as well. After a quick gap-year in Australia, I said good-bye to the beaches and hello to the beginning of my traineeship.

Key responsibilities

I am currently completing my second seat, in Corporate, being involved in mainly acquisitions, disposals, re-organisations as well as private equity work. A trainee's main role during transactions is to generally assist the more senior solicitors by for example drafting ancillary documents whilst assisting with the general running of matters. I've been able to play a vital role in transactions and have been given increased responsibility throughout my seat. I have direct contact with clients and regularly answer queries. I think this highlights that trainees are really trusted within AG and encouraged from day one to be as involved as possible. This is something that allows you to become a really valued and important member of the team.

Training Opportunities

The firm has a real focus on learning and development, my first week of the seat offered a nearly week long corporate induction to show us the ropes and we regularly have both corporate trainee and corporate team training. This has been really useful at getting up to speed on topics that I hadn't come across before and being to implement new knowledge into practice. One of the best parts about being a trainee at AG is being able to be surrounded by a group of dynamic and extremely experienced individuals. Every-day is an opportunity to learn from solicitors at the top of their game.


Having to start my traineeship fully working-from-home has probably been the biggest challenge so far. However, it is a testament to the AG that trainees were offered such a high-level of support, which has continued as we begin to make our way back to in-office work. I've personally found that you don't need to reach out for support as your team (and beyond) offer it. Whether that be regular diarised catch ups, coffees or simply always being on hand to answer questions, no matter how big or small.

Most Exciting Moment

It has been hard to pin-point my most exciting moment at the firm so far. AG acts for large clients which has allowed me to be involved in numerous fast-paced and high-value deals, but if I had to choose one I would probably have to say that the experience of assisting on the initial public offering and admission to the AIM Market for a global healthcare company specialising in the development of predicative genetic testing for cardiovascular and related diseases. It is brilliant to see that all the hours of hard-work by the team have assisted in giving the company the opportunity to make a step change in improving the current standard of care and increasing the assessment of the risk of the onset of CVD, being the world's leading cause of death.

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