Dana Winter

Dana Winter

First year associate


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Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your time at university?

I was born in Vienna, Austria, and attended the French School, the Lycée Francais de Vienne until I was 18. I later moved to the UK to study Management with Marketing at the University of Leeds, followed by a master’s degree in Culture and Society from the London School of Economics.

I was the President of the Jewish Society at Leeds and went onto become a Vice President of the European Union of Jewish Students during my master’s. I have always loved traveling and getting to know new communities — an interest I wished to continue in my professional career.

How did you find out about AlphaSights and what made you want to apply?

While studying for my master’s, I discovered AlphaSights through a recruiter. I wanted a role where I would learn more about how people tick, and where I could make an impact. The Graduate Associate Programme appealed to me because I’d work across different industries with a range of clients and teams in a fast-paced environment, which was exactly what I was looking for.

What was your recruitment process like?

Although the recruitment process is lengthy, it truly manages to find the best people — a fact proven by colleagues who regularly impress and inspire me. The interviews were more enjoyable compared to other companies, as it felt more like a conversation than a formal interview. I learned a lot about AlphaSights and what I could expect from the role if I were to join.

Top tip: Before going through the interview process, read as much about the company and industry as possible to understand what you’re applying for. Use the interviews to ask any questions you have, as our team members are more than happy to answer them.

How did you find your onboarding experience?

The two-week New Joiner Academy was a great experience. The amount of time and resources invested into the training really shone through, making me feel valued right away.

The structure of each day was clear and manageable, with time to work on my own as well as participate in interactive sessions, really setting the tone of the culture. Being able to connect with my trainer and team members regularly made me feel welcome right away.

Having sessions with our Europe Region Head, Dominique Kleeman, and getting to know her, was a great way to learn more about AlphaSights senior leadership team and gain a deeper understanding of AlphaSights’ evolution.

Tell us about a typical day on the desk for you.

I start my day at 8:30am, reading through my emails before our first team meeting. I usually spend my morning sourcing experts, working on 8-12 projects at one time. My afternoon is typically spent making calls to experts and clients. However, my days often change due to the fast-paced environment and client priorities shifting.

What do you enjoy most about working at AlphaSights?

I love the constant new challenges that my role brings. If you apply to AlphaSights, make sure that you are up for a challenge and enjoy a fast-paced, high-performance environment. I regularly learn about new industries, apply knowledge from previous projects to new ones, and find ways to add value to team processes as I go.

The more I learn, the better I perform and the more responsibility I’m offered. This recognition makes me feel valued, knowing that my superiors have trust and faith in me to succeed and grow.

The culture at AlphaSights is also great. Through regular socials, team and company events, we are truly building a community of like-minded people, who work well together both on and off the desk.

What made you want to join an international company in London?

I had lived in London for a couple of years already when I joined AlphaSights, and love its diversity and multiculturalism. I wanted an environment where these different backgrounds are not only present, but celebrated. I grew up in multinational spaces, and know how beneficial it is to one’s personal and team development.

London is the perfect place to meet new people and it’s full of opportunities, activities and fun. I have never run out of ideas about what to do and, if I did, most European cities are only a short, cheap flight away for weekend city breaks!

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