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Welcome to the ALTEN!

As a French engineering consultancy, we naturally look for candidates with that ‘je ne sais quoi’.

Someone with passion, vision, looking to have an impact and build the future!

Our 18-month accelerated graduate programme will get you ready:

  • to fully take part in our fast-growing business
  • to become the leader of a team of 20 consultants
  • to implement the latest technologies for the likes of Airbus, Rolls Royce, Jaguar Land Rover, McLaren, Schneider Electric, and many more!

We want to invest in you. You are our future.

So, take a look at our graduate programme!

Graduate Jobs

1 opportunity – limited vacancies.

We are ALTEN

At the forefront of innovative engineering, we are a leader in Engineering and Technology Consulting with over 40,000 employees worldwide. Our engineers work on complex projects - anything from designing jet engines to developing nuclear plants!

We are constantly growing and adapting to ever-changing environments. This has made two things possible: thriving partnerships with our clients and the ability to offer more responsibility quickly for our employees to develop their careers.

Our global presence enables us to be closer to our clients, whilst offering mobility to our engineers, experts and all the people that make ALTEN the leader it is.

Our people

We are a community of individuals who share a vision for an innovative, environmentally viable future. We are a home for ambitious engineers looking to make a difference!

Let’s hear why our previous graduates chose our graduate programme:

“the Business Manager – Graduate Programme at ALTEN is structured in a way that will help you obtain all the necessary skills you would need to start your career in this industry.” - Benjamin

“it’s a rare opportunity for me to combine my passion for engineering with my interest in management” - Iason

“the experience around you to coach and mentor you, and the exposure to different business elements you get in 18-months” - Lawrence

Our services


ALTEN has partnerships with all the main automotive manufacturers in the UK and beyond. Our strong team, made up of hundreds of engineers in the UK and over 5,000 internationally, can support all technologies and technology transformation within the automotive sector. Aside from delivering expertise at our customers’ sites, we also independently run projects with tailored delivery models.

Aeronautics, Space and Defence

ALTEN is recognised as a prime technology partner because of our ability to mobilise resources, to engage in projects with standardised processes and tools and most importantly to do so quickly.

This matters especially as UK companies in the Aeronautics sector are growing exponentially and therefore facing many challenges: securing production variations and ramp-ups, integrating new technologies, maintenance performance, digitalisation of services and processes.


Although already partnering with the key UK energy manufacturers and distributors, we want to improve our presence in this sector we deem crucial for the future. ALTEN is currently involved in energy production, energy storage and power plant design projects.


We can currently cover anything from rolling stock design and development, the maintenance and architecture of infrastructure, conception of signalling products, technical coordination, and project management, to the commissioning of new products. As ALTEN is experiencing unprecedented growth, the railway sector is one where we hope to further expand.

Life Sciences

Our expertise in pharmaceutical engineering, medical devices, and digital transformation makes ALTEN an essential partner for leading healthcare and life sciences companies.

Information Technology

We have built our expertise in the last 20 years across various technological fields, providing end-to-end services in a wide range of companies.

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Facts and figures
  • Number of employees: 10000+
Industry sectors
  • Engineering
  • Aerospace
  • Electronic & Electrical
  • Communications & Telecom
  • Manufacturing/Production/Process
  • Medical
  • Mechanical
  • Management & Business
  • Management