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About Ark Teacher Training

Ark offers the perfect blend of theory & practice to ensure trainees from all walks of life have the tools to become incredible teachers.

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Many of our schools are in areas facing social and economic challenges so you’ll be making an impact straight away. Unlike a university-based PGCE, you’ll be based in a school from day one. You’ll be able to watch your students grow over an entire academic year and see your development alongside them.

There is a wide range of components to the programme that make up your training year’s structure, which is why we have been rated 'Outstanding' by OFSTED. This includes Ark Teacher Training’s highly-rated Summer School, weekly training sessions in professional or subject studies, an in-school curriculum, placements in different schools and pastoral support.

Culture and Values

From your very first day at Ark Teacher Training, we maintain a focus on teacher training wellbeing and support to ensure that you have a fantastic experience on the programme.

Helping children and young people to progress and reach their full potential in life is an amazing gift; we therefore see it as our responsibility to ensure that our trainee teachers are protected, supported and take care of themselves on this incredibly selfless journey. We therefore focus on four key values on our programme:

  • Aim high
  • Be brave
  • Be kind
  • Keep learning

Equality and diversity

Diversity and inclusivity in teaching is essential – teachers have a unique ability to impact what students believe about what’s possible for their lives, and are often some of only a few adults that young people really engage with. It’s therefore incredibly important that pupils have a rich and diverse teaching body to learn from; they’re able to see themselves in positions of leadership and authority, while their perceptions and world-views are broadened.

But it’s not just our students who benefit from diversity. At Ark Teacher Training, we believe that inclusivity and the representation of people, circumstances, identities, cultures and ethnicities from all sections of society make us stronger as individuals and as an organisation.

We all have incredible stories to share and learn from; at Ark Teacher Training we work together to create an organisation that not only provides a safe, nurturing space for diversity and open dialogue, but one that celebrates people, regardless of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage/civil partnership status, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, or sexual orientation.

As a teacher training provider, we’ve taken steps to improve our recruitment practices and our diversity within Ark Teacher Training such as:

  • Increased representation on our channels including Diversity and Inclusion Webinar's
  • Anti-bias training
  • Reviewing the Language Used When Referring to Educational Inequality
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