Gitanjali Bajaj


Gitanjali Bajaj

Secondary Professional Tutor & Science Subject Lead

Ark Teacher Training

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As part of her role, Gitanjali has a portfolio of trainees across the network and is responsible for the quality of provision and trainee progress within schools. Gitanjali also works with in-school mentors and Ark Teacher Training Leads to make sure they are developing their practice and are provided with training that is relevant to their needs. She also delivers weekly training to her trainees and designs and delivers training sessions to the Science cohort.

As a Science Lead, Gitanjali particularly enjoys delving into the pedagogy of teaching and learning science lessons and having in-depth conversations with the science trainees about bringing science to life in the classroom! Along with Primary Tutor, Phoebe Parthews, she also oversees the training programme’s wellbeing focus to ensure that all trainees are supported throughout their teacher training year.

After qualifying with a PGCE from the Institute of London (UCL), Gitanjali joined Hertswood Academy in Borehamwood and took on the role of KS3 Curriculum Lead, where she was responsible for implementing a new KS3 curriculum for science and overseeing the progress of Years 7-9.

Following this, she became a Lead Practitioner for Science, where she was involved in Teaching and Learning across the academy and developed her passion for coaching and teacher development. It is this role that sparked Gitanjali to join Ark Teacher Training, which she loves! She considers working with the in-school mentors to develop their planning, real-time coaching and weekly coaching as one of the most rewarding aspects of the role, as it has such a significant impact on trainee progress.

In her spare time, Gitanjali loves baking for her family and friends and gardening and being outdoors, soaking up a bit of nature!

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