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“I have found my training year extremely beneficial in my development as a teacher. The programme has provided me with valuable experiences and has delivered extremely useful training and subject specific sessions that I have then taken into my classroom and have had great results. I am really looking forward to my next year and developing further!

It has been wonderful meeting the students I taught and building good relationships with them. Throughout the year I have seen my students progress and develop into mature young adults following the schools core values of ambition, kindness, and resilience. It has been an amazing year and I look forward to teaching them again next year.

My confidence in myself and my abilities has grown massively during my training year. I have been supported by other wonderful teachers who have provided me with constant support and their expertise so I can develop and grow.

Looking back, I would tell myself not to expect greatness from the beginning. There is no way you are going to be perfect at everything, and the whole point of this is to improve and develop in your practice. So do not stress if you find certain elements hard, there will always be people around you to support, be it colleagues or other trainees!”

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