Meet Anya, Software Developer


Anya Champaneria

Software Developer


Why did you apply to Arqiva?

Arqiva looked like a reliable company to work for with many new opportunities as a cloud developer. It felt like a stable option, and I knew Arqiva would invest in me as a graduate and care about my progression at their company.

What do you enjoy about working at Arqiva?

The people working around you are interested in your development, especially more senior members of the team. There is a real culture of helping each other work fluidly together to achieve our combined goals. There is also opportunity to work with the company in other areas such as Diversity & Inclusion, I have enjoyed my time with the other ambassadors and making a change to the company.

Describe your role

I’m a software developer so what that means is basically problem solving all day, which I love. I work on a cloud project using AWS and python. My day to day consists of building new features on my project, bug fixing and sanity checking my colleague’s work. Recently I have been getting more involved with planning and designing code changes and new feature implementation which I have really been enjoying.

Any advice to potential applicants?

Arqiva hire potential not technical skill, so my biggest piece of advice is, be yourself and make sure your passion for working in tech and particularly at Arqiva shines through in your application and your interview. In the interview you may be asked some more technical questions but don’t let this put you off, the team will only be trying to find what role might suit you not how much you know. Ask questions, the interviewing process is as much for you to see if Arqiva is a good fit for you as it is the other way round.

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