Charlotte Phillipson

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Who are you?

Charlotte Phillipson, Underwriting Graduate

What was your pre-Aspen background?

I am from a small village in Buckinghamshire and have a degree in International Business Management with French from Newcastle University – this included a year abroad where I studied in the Netherlands and France for a semester.

How did you learn about insurance, why did you want to work in the industry?

I did some work experience in the industry when I was 16 years old and really enjoyed it. From then I decided to seek some more experience on both the broking and underwriting side and then I applied to the graduate schemes in my final year at university.

How has your time been at Aspen?

So far, it has been great! I am on my fourth rotation - my first rotation was working with the Active Underwriter, my second rotation was in Management Liability, my third rotation was in Marketing and Distribution and I am currently in Environmental.
I am learning so much on a daily basis and everyone is very friendly and approachable. It can be challenging at times because there is just so much to learn!

Why would you encourage young people to apply for early careers at Aspen and what advice would you give?

If you are looking for a career where there is always more to learn and are ready to work hard as well as have a good work/life balance, I would say Aspen is the place for you. My advice would be, be patient, it takes years to become an expert in a field and just keep reading!

What are your career plans for the next five years?

Over the next five years, I hope to come off the Graduate Scheme and go into an Assistant Underwriter role. From there, I hope to progress and learn as much as I can in a specific class of business.