Kachi Nwokenna

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  • Who are you?

Kachi Nwokenna, Underwriter, Credit and Political risk

Where are you from? 
What did you study and to what level?

I grew up in North West London (parents originally from Nigeria) and also attended school in this area too. I studied International Relations BA and International Peace and Security MA

How did you learn about insurance, why did you want to work in the industry?

By chance! Given my background in international relations, I was interested in exploring this space further and came to learn that careers in risk management and/or underwriting potentially catered for this after doing a bit of research online.

How has your time been at Aspen?

  • How did you join and into what position?
  • What has your experience of Aspen been like?
  • Your journey within the organisation, Highlights and challenges?

I joined on the risk management graduate scheme. I worked in this department for two and a half years before moving into an underwriting role in the Credit and Political risk team. Positively, there is scope to move internally which is also a benefit to working as Aspen

Highlights include representing Aspen in Football and Rugby Sevens

It was challenging moving into an underwriting role however the supportive team environment eventually helped make the process a bit easier!


Why would you encourage young people to apply for early careers at Aspen and what advice would you give?

  • Anything you know now that you’d have liked to have known earlier?

There has always quite a bit of scope for young employees to progress quickly, which has and continues to be one of the principal benefits of joining Aspen. I would advise reaching out to as many people as possible at Aspen and in the industry via Linkedin, as this will provide insight into the roles you may be applying for.

What do you hope to achieve?

My focus is on becoming as well-rounded an underwriter as possible during that time period