Ama Opokua Asomani

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What inspired you to apply to Bank of America?

I studied computer engineering in Ghana, where I’m from, because I wanted the opportunity to work in any industry as opposed to one particular field. When I discovered Bank of America has a massive technology division I applied for an internship as a personal challenge and was accepted!

Is it what you expected from a bank?

I was surprised by how much influence I can have. From day one, leadership has shown me how important my opinions are – even as an intern. Now I’m on the Junior Talent Working Group in Chester, giving feedback on who the next generation of interns might be. To be honest, I expected influence was going to flow top-down but it doesn’t. I’m encouraged to contribute all the time.

What does your role entail?

I work in the Reporting and Data Analytics team for Technology Infrastructure Services. We provide insights that help senior leaders to make data-driven business improvements. For example, when there’s a major incident that disrupts service, my team gathers information on what the impact was, how it was resolved, what the root cause was and how we’re working to prevent it from re-occurring.

What impact do you have, day-to-day?

As well as helping to improve our operations, I take part in Environment, Social and Governance projects like canal and river trust volunteering days. I’ve also helped organise fundraising activities for charities, as well as events for Black History Month and the Chinese New Year Parade. It’s important that everyone feels able to bring their full self to work and I think being open to conversations about race and inclusion can encourage this, too.

Tell us about living and working in Chester

Chester is a beautiful, clean city with lots of restaurants and shopping, but you’re also very close to the countryside. If you’re looking for a busier experience, Liverpool and Manchester are only 30 - 40 minutes away.

Our technology family works across two buildings. I say family because we’re a great team. We have fun together, organise socials and celebrate people’s promotions or birthdays. It’s really nice.

What’s one thing people should know about Bank of America?

This is more than just a job that brings food to the table. It's a holistic place to work where your development is important, on a professional and personal level. Besides your day job, you as a person matter. I'm interested in music. I sing and play the guitar and it's not looked on as separate from my work, it’s all part of me and all these things are encouraged. We want to know who you are as a full person.