Hayley McNamara

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How did you find your way to the graduate program?

Like some of the other grads, I started out on a 10-week internship, while studying for a Business Management degree. The internship was great because it gave me a real taste of what the culture’s like and what the different departments do. It really resonated with me, and a year later I joined the graduate program.

What’s the best thing about the graduate program?

I like the fact that you’re given responsibility from pretty much the day you begin. In my first rotation, it was my job to help find a vendor that we could work with to create a particular product. I did a lot of the research then brought the vendors in for meetings, before presenting my recommendations to the EMEA Global Transaction Services team. It was really exciting, and that was all within my first three months.

What impact does your work have?

We’re always looking at how we can use new technology to make life easier for our clients, for example by creating new payment solutions. It’s a competitive environment, but that just makes it more exciting. In the last ten years, Bank of America has spent around $35 billion on technology – that’s more than Facebook!

What’s it like working in the London office?

It’s really great. Everyone gets on well and we always have a laugh together. We often invite each other out to grab a coffee or lunch, and even if we’re working from home, we’ll chat online quite a lot!

Did anything surprise you about working here?

The culture was a really nice surprise – I was so pleased with how supportive and welcoming everyone was. There’s a real sense that your opinion is valued as a young person, and people will go out of their way to help you.