Joshua Tandon

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What inspired you to start a career in finance?

My goal in life is to work with a global mindset and I thought working for a financial institution would give me international opportunities. I wasn’t wrong. I work closely with teams in Paris, Dublin, New York, Hong Kong and Charlotte, North Carolina.

How would you describe your role?

I help manage the risk and regulation around equities markets. On one hand I look at regulations and policies to ensure everything we do abides by the law. And on the other, I do risk assessments that look at whether or not what we do is beneficial for the firm, checking that our products are operating the way they should.

What do you do in a typical day?

As I’m in a market-facing role, I sit on the equities trading floor. It’s fast-paced and while the markets are open, things can change very, very quickly. I enjoy working on tasks that just pop up throughout the day, alongside more long-term projects. I like the fact that the work I’m involved with is often written about in the press.

How are you supported to grow?

There are development programs designed to give you direct feedback at different stages of the graduate scheme as well as throughout your career. My manager has set up different checkpoints to help me monitor how I’m doing and even asks how I’m feeling or if there’s anything we need to discuss. It’s really helpful to hear his perspective because it adds structure to my development.

What’s your best achievement yet?

I'm a big advocate for our graduate programs. I'm on a council for it and want to be a good alumni who makes improvements for the next generation. Whether that means changing our approach to interviews or how we structure our internships, I'm proud that I've been able to develop those things for the better.