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Our worldwide company includes the complete chain of hop handlers- farmers and harvest crew, pelleting and extraction, product development and quality testing, sales and marketing, administration and customer care in a handful of countries around the globe.

BarthHaas are a leading global supplier of hop products and all of the services that go with them. Focusing on efficiency and creativity, BarthHaas have been leading the way for 225 years as a family run business fuelled by their passion and knowledge of hops.

While the headquarters of BarthHaas is in Nuremberg, Germany, this company page serves the UK-specific BarthHaas career opportunities. UK locations include BarthHaas UK, BetaTec Hop Products, BarthHaasX, which together provide product innovation, warehousing & production, quality testing, and sales & support.

BarthHaas UK

The most sizable UK division of BarthHaas is that which provides hop product sales and logistics functions for large-scale breweries. Our supply chain team will coordinate a shipping container full of premium hop products sent partway round the world, or just to the next county. The BarthHaas UK production team transforms masses of whole cone or pellet hops into fractions, extracts and distillates. Our warehouse engages in continuous improvement procedures to efficiently and properly store and protect our wide range of products. Our R&D team is the European centre for hops research & development, developing innovative hop based products for the brewing industry.

Everything we do is about providing hops and hop derived products at the highest possible quality, with the best possible service.

BarthHaas X

BarthHaas X is the premier hop supplier to CRAFT BREWERS across the UK, Europe and South Africa and also based at Paddock Wood, Kent. Alongside supplying BarthHaas X premium hop products, BarthHaas X also supports these smaller breweries with full service and distribution.

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  • Number of employees: 51 to 250
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  • Science, R&D, Food industry
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