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Charlotte Carpenter

Baxter Healthcare

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Why Baxter?

I love our super friendly and collaborative culture – it really feels like everyone believes in and strives to meet our mission to Save and Sustain Lives!

My role:

I am currently work in Commercial Excellence for 6 months, where I focus on pricing, tenders and our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. There is a real variety in the role which I find stimulating, and I know that what I am learning will be really useful for my future career goal of working in sales as an Account Manager. I have also had 6 months experience in our Market Access team, learning about our customers and the NHS from a policy down perspective.

A project I enjoyed working on:

In my Market Access role I worked on a patient pathway optimisation project for our OPAT business (Outpatient Parenteral Antibiotic Therapy). I really saw the value in standardisation of processes to ensure an optimal outcome for the patient and our customers every time. I also learnt a lot about the OPAT market and the current way that our customers currently work versus the ‘gold standard’.

The best part of my job:

100% the people that I work with! Everyone at Baxter is so friendly, no matter what level of the organisation they are at. If I wanted to learn more about another business area, for example, I know that there would be lots of people who would jump at the opportunity to help me.

The worst part of my job:

There is lots of compliance in the healthcare industry, which at times can have tedious processes. However, this is definitely necessary as if used incorrectly, our products could put our patients, customers and Baxter at risk.

What training I have received:

I feel very invested in as a Graduate at Baxter; I have had the opportunity to attend many training sessions, both online and in person. These include product training, sales training, and presentation skills workshops.

How my career has progressed at Baxter:

Working at Baxter has accelerated my career progression; I have had a huge variety of experiences and exposure that are setting me up strongly for my future career goal of working in a Baxter sales team as an Account Manager.

Any networks I am involved in:

I am part of the Baxter Women Leaders (BWL) Business Resource Group (BRG), which is such a fun part of my role. I manage the communications for the BRG, as well as being part of the Menopause Awareness Workstream. There are so many amazing BRGs to get involved with at Baxter as part of our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion mission, such as Early Career Professionals, Baxter enABLES, Baxter Multicultural Network, and PRIDE.

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