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One of Europe’s leading up-and-coming tech companies specializing in software and app development.

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It’s a weird name, isn’t it? We chose Bending Spoons after the iconic scene in The Matrix, where the hero discovers that what seems impossible often isn't so. In 2013, when we were a punchy little startup, the parallel was fitting. Now it’s more appropriate than ever.

Today, we’re a thriving tech company that’s home to bright, curious, and inventive Spooners from more than 25 countries. We build our own cutting-edge technologies (50 at last count), and many of our commercial products have become market leaders. Take Splice—in terms of revenue, the world's number one mobile video editor. Or Remini, which uses see-it-to-believe-it AI technology to restore old, blurry, and damaged photos. Billions of them.

Plenty has changed since our early startup days. But our mission remains steadfast. We're still going all-out every day to improve lives through the products we work on, the jobs we offer, and the impact we make on the world. It’s an incredibly exciting adventure to be on!

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  • Number of employees: 251 to 500
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  • Technology
  • Engineering