Shehmeer Khan Asad

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After completing a BEng (Hons) in Civil Engineering, followed by an MSc in Structural Engineering, I decided to take a more hands on route to join Berkeley Group as a Graduate Site Manager.

Growing up, I have always wanted to work for Berkeley, and this is mainly because of the ongoing project in South East London known as The Royal Arsenal Riverside. I found it fascinating that just one development could change the face of my childhood area, by bringing in different people and improving Woolwich’s appeal as a whole.

During my degree, I would envision how calculations or designs could be implemented in real life. Since joining Berkeley, not only has it allowed me to gain a greater understanding of what I learnt in university, but it has also taught me how to think outside the box in an industry where there are different challenges to face every single day.

During my time with the company, I have realised that senior colleagues provide me with challenges and consequently help me to improve, giving me the push, I require to get to the next level. Since starting at St William, the level of attention and support invested in evaluating and improving my work despite my lack of experience is what I am extremely impressed with.

People in different industries always say, ‘no day is the same’, however, with construction no day ever is the same. There are always new challenges to be faced as a project progresses day-by-day. with obstacles regularly appearing. At Berkeley, challenges are taken as an opportunity where a great deal of learning can be achieved.

One thing I have learnt very early on in my time at Berkeley is that in construction, you’ll never know it all. Every project is different and there is always something new, which is what makes this industry so exciting.