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Tell us about yourself.

I studied Econometrics in Germany. During that time, I worked as a scholar in a reinsurance company and had a number of internship opportunities, where I focused on innovation, data analytics and the incentive for ethical and sustainable behavior. I then moved to London to pursue a Masters in International Business and Business Analytics. Last summer, I interned at Bloomberg in the Global Data ESG team and then joined full time in April 2021.

Tell us about your role.

I am a member of the ESG Team within Global Data. I work on the Environmental Social Scoring initiative together with our US and Asia Pacific counterparts to create industry-specific environmental and social performance scores for companies. We also work daily with our Bloomberg Intelligence experts, as well as colleagues in Engineering, Quants, Products, and Sales. To ensure the best quality of products and customer service, we also speak to clients to understand their needs and build tailored products for them.

How does speaking a second language help you in your role?

We recently reviewed Bloomberg’s Gender Equity Index (GEI) Questionnaire, which serves as an important pillar in our efforts to quantify social factors within ESG. We offer the questionnaire in different languages to make it accessible to more companies in several markets. One of those markets is the German speaking DACH (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland) region. We strive for all our communication to be gender-inclusive. I reviewed the German questionnaire with this in mind and am excited to see my suggestions implemented in the next iteration.

What doors have been opened for you at Bloomberg by using your second language?

Bloomberg is an international company and we truly have a global workforce. It is fantastic to work with colleagues from a rich diversity of cultures. I think a knowledge of multiple languages helps make you aware of the nuances of different cultures and how to engage politely and inclusively. Working in the London office, I sometimes interact with our German speaking clients and I think the shared language helps me to connect to their needs and build rapport.

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