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Tell us about yourself.

I was fortunate to grow up in a bilingual French and German household, and decided to study mathematics at university in London, as there are many career opportunities as a European language speaker here. My current role at Bloomberg allows me to use my first languages in tandem with English.

Tell us about your role.

As a customer support representative, I take calls and instant message ‘chats from clients who contact us with a variety of questions. From troubleshooting hardware and software issues relating to the Terminal to transferring calls to our technical support, billing department, or sales (among dozens of others), I’m involved in frontline support for any incoming Bloomberg-related queries. In addition to this, I am also involved in projects including with our interviewing and new hire onboarding team.

What doors have been opened for you at Bloomberg by using your second language?

Being multilingual definitely presents a lot of opportunities at Bloomberg, both within and outside of a department. It also greatly increases your visibility and helps in creating connections with a diversity of colleagues. We have close-knit language teams and it has also made networking with other departments easier too. When it comes to internal progression, having a broad network can help if/when looking to move departments.

Where do you most add value to your team and clients?

As a source of German language support, I can help my team by managing queries from German speaking clients. I am an asset to the entire department and to Bloomberg generally. As the primary interviewer of German candidates in my group, my language skills are also critical to our hiring process. In general, speaking different languages in customer support also means collaborating with your peers on your language teams. Whether it’s scheduling, updating our language-specific documentation, or reaching out to a different department as a spokesperson on behalf of a language team, the value added by any multilingual representative to the department and company is significant.

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