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During my degree, I realised that while I enjoyed studying physics, and didn’t want to completely abandon my scientific knowledge, a career as a physicist just wasn’t for me.


Daisy Makin

Technical Assistant

Carpmaels & Ransford

I wanted a career that would allow me to work with a wide range of technology, rather than force me to focus on a highly specialised area. Moreover, my affinity for the study of History during my academic years fostered a deep appreciation for constructing persuasive essays, and I particularly enjoyed writing about the History of Physics during an optional university module.

When I stumbled upon the possibility of a career in IP at a university careers event, I found the combination of scientific reasoning and legal analysis involved in the job of a patent attorney intriguing and decided to apply for an open day at Carpmaels to find out more. An internship at Carpmaels followed in Summer 2021, at the end of which I was offered a full-time position starting in September 2022.

Since starting at Carpmaels I have quickly become involved in a variety of interesting cases. Alongside my day-to-day work of reading about new technology and drafting arguments for the patentability of our client’s invention, I have been well-supported by Carpmaels’ learning and development team who organise regular in-house tutorials to further our knowledge of patent law. Whilst jumping from a physics degree to a career in law requires a steep learning curve, I have felt well supported throughout by my senior colleagues who provide helpful and constructive feedback on my work.

The friendly atmosphere at the firm means I feel very comfortable asking questions to people at all levels to further my understanding. I have found working at Carpmaels to be highly enjoyable. As well as providing interesting work, the company has an active social dimension. Since joining, I’ve been involved in the book club and volunteered at a STEAM club for children living on a local estate. I'm excited about the upcoming bee club where we'll learn about the beehives on our rooftop. The firm arranges regular social gatherings for both individual practice groups and the entire organization, providing a great opportunity to foster stronger interpersonal connections

Starting year at your organisation - 2022

Undergraduate university attended - Oxford

Undergraduate course studied - MPhys Physics

Year of graduation - undergraduate - 2022

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