Dominika Gasiorowski


Dominika Gasiorowski

First Seat Trainee in Manchester


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Dominika is a First Seat Trainee in our Manchester Office. Her route into law was a little less traditional, read on for more information!

Tell us a little about you.

My journey into law was a little unusual. I studied Spanish and then worked as an academic teaching Hispanic Studies before deciding to become a lawyer. During the GDL and the LPC, I worked as a legal assistant for a different firm to learn more about life in practice.

Why did you want to become a solicitor?

I was always interested in how solicitors help to shape businesses and influence the way we live our lives. Getting to see how commercial deals or litigation work in practice is fascinating. I also wanted a varied job, where I would do different things every day and always learn something new.

Why did you choose CMS?

It’s a cliché, but I wanted to work for a global firm with a local footprint. The Manchester and Sheffield offices offer the best of both worlds. They are small enough, so you get to know your colleagues well and the atmosphere is friendly. Thanks to the scale of the firm, however, you are involved in some fantastic work and the IT and knowledge support and training on offer are second to none.

What did you enjoy most about the CMS Academy?

My favourite part of the CMS Academy was getting to know some of the firm’s clients. Talking to them directly made me better understand what they were looking for when working with CMS.

What was the biggest challenge at the CMS Academy?

Because the scheme was run virtually, the biggest challenge was working out how to come across well over Zoom or Teams. Things that come naturally in real life situations, such as eye contact or not interrupting others, were harder to work out online. To prepare, I read advice on how to best tackle online interactions.

What tips do you have for applying to and securing a training contract?

Be yourself and prepare well. Take the time to understand what the firm is looking for and reflect on how you can fit that profile. For each stage of the recruitment process, work out what is expected of you and how your personal attributes can help you meet these expectations. This way you will come across as genuine and keen.

What are you most looking forward to during your traineeship?

I look forward to working with different teams across the offices and experiencing for myself the variety of work on offer in transactional and litigation seats.

What is it like working at a future facing firm in Manchester?

Working in the Manchester office is fantastic. Everyone, including partners and supervisors, is very approachable, friendly, and keen to help you with any questions. Because of excellent IT, administrative, and technical support the drudgery is minimal, so you can focus on doing the best job you can as a trainee.

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