Meet Nayandeep from the QEA pathway

Name – Nayandeep Birudaraju University – University of Liverpool Year of Graduation – 2021 Degree – Computer Science and Electronic Engineering (BEng) Graduate pathway – QEA

Nayandeep Birudaraju

Graduate Pathway - QEA


Experience at Cognizant so far – “My process has been very smooth throughout every stage. The recruitment process was great, any questions I had were answered, any help I needed I received very quickly – the recruitment team were very helpful.

The 6-week training programme was excellent as it covered all elements of my role and helped me so much to kick-start my career. Work shadowing was my favourite part of the programme, allowing me to effectively apply what I had learnt, I shadowed various team members and learned directly from experts, it was all very insightful and exciting.”

What you like about working at Cognizant – “Working at Cognizant has been a great experience for me. Cognizant is a very welcoming and friendly company. One of my favourite things about it is that everyone (regardless of position) is very helpful and kind. It is a wonderful and insightful experience being able to talk freely with senior colleagues, receiving their advice.”

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