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Shashank Maurya

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My name is Shashank Maurya. I completed my Marine Marketing and Project Management placement at Cummins Kent, UK in 2021. I am currently pursuing MSc in Management and Marketing from Nottingham Trent University and will be graduating this December 2021. My placement role includes marketing related activities and managing the customer facing projects in the Marine Industry.

What made you apply to Cummins?

Coming from Pune, I was familiar with Cummins before. The most important factor that motivated me to apply for a placement role at Cummins is the outstanding retention rate by the company for its interns. It’s a fact that the current CEO – Mr. Tom Linebarger himself started as an intern at Cummins. The company has its global presence in over 190+ countries and its core values are something that grabbed my attention.

What were your initial impressions of Cummins when you joined the company?

Owing to the pandemic, my placement started virtually. Despite that, the orientation programme was organised wonderfully for over a period of three days. I was very well supported by my manager and team to make sure my every need is taken care of. The thing that I liked the most at Cummins (and I still do) is the welcoming attitude of ‘all’ the employees which makes it easier to connect and network with the diverse range of 66,000+ people from all over the world.

What does your role involve? What is typical day to day activities?

As the title suggests, my role comprises of two major aspects: Marine Marketing and Project Management. My marketing tasks include conducting monthly forecasting update calls with the leaders in the EMEA Region and communicate the potential upcoming orders to the manufacturing plants to minimise the lead times for the customers. I also keep a check on the status of the orders, ensuring they are placed on the plant. Besides this, I work as an employee advocate for Cummins on Social Media Marketing too. Talking about Project Management, I support the project managers with the smooth execution of customer facing projects ensuring timely delivery to the customer by working with representatives from the COM/SOM teams.

Apart from these two broad roles, I also spend time working as a core committee team member for the Communications Team, Local Diversity Council Team and the Community Involvement Team in Kent.

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