Gina Jiang

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I have accelerated my career further than I thought was possible in just two years. During my time on the programme, I have worked in two different industries, experienced life in two countries, and secured a permanent role that I truly enjoy.

As soon as I joined, I was instantly involved in projects and made to feel one of the team. During my first placement alone, I saw two acquisition projects through to completion, helped create and launch a new company website, and had sole responsibility for creating market analysis reports that were immediately used to support our development projects.

My second placement took me to Hong Kong where I built a market visibility study that was presented to the Group CEO. It was a hugely challenging yet exciting project! Before moving out there, DCC supported me in learning a third language (Cantonese), which came in very handy at a two-day conference I attended, where I was able to act as a translator for a divisional MD and some of our external contacts.

At the end of the programme, I was able to secure my ideal permanent role. I am now working as a Business Development Executive with DSG Energy, responsible for supporting, implementing and facilitating a wide range of business development projects.

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