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My placements provided me with two very contrasting experiences of life at DCC. The first gave me a great grounding in using data to drive business decisions while the second exposed me to day-to-day operations, team management and acquisition-related project work. Being able to compare and combine these experiences gave me a much clearer idea of how I wanted my career to progress.

Since leaving the programme, I have been working in the healthcare division of DCC Vital. I’ve been a Project Manager, Operations Manager, Business Development Manager and Group Acquisition Project Manager. I was recently promoted to General Manager of SP Services (UK) Ltd, a DCC Vital business that supplies first aid and medical equipment.

There are many opportunities for learning and development here. The formal training I have received in people management, commercial awareness and finance has shaped my understanding of business and helped me to be more effective in my roles to date.

My experience is that you get as much out of the graduate programme as you put in. At the same time, there is support at many layers to ensure you deliver results, develop professionally, and find a place in the business long term.

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