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Working at Deutsche Bank means working with the brightest minds in the industry to tackle challenges that shape the world. When Tina, an Analyst on our Investment Grade Credit desk, was considering where to start her career, she realised that sometimes you have to see it with your own eyes to understand if it’s right for you.

Majoring in economics with minors in computer science and history, Tina has always thrived at the intersection of quantitative and qualitative research. So, it was no surprise that she felt drawn toward a role in research until she reached out to a Duke alum working in finance.

“When she told me about her role, I started thinking about banking. I really liked the idea of applying economic analysis to current events.”

Tina applied to attend an event run by Deutsche Bank. Initially cautious about what she expected from banking, she found herself completely surprised.

“Everyone was super excited about their work and excited to get to know me. I wanted to be around people who had that energy all day.”

The event comprised multiple speaker panels, with plenty of opportunities for networking, but what really stood out was the moment they were shown around the trading floor for the first time.

“It’s such a high-energy environment – everybody’s sitting right next to each other, and the floor is just buzzing. I’d never seen anything like it, and that’s when I decided to apply for the internship.”

Tina made a successful application to Deutsche Bank’s Internship Programme and when she started she expected to spend all her time on admin for the senior managers, but she soon found that she was trusted with real responsibilities right from the start.

“There was a complete focus on my learning. I was appointed a mentor before I even started, and I helped with real client requests. I was never doing work for the sake of it – I was taken seriously, even as an intern.”

When her mentor found out Tina had an interest in technical analysis, she was also encouraged to sit with the research team. The team were happy to talk about their own careers and give advice, explaining their roles and what matched her skills.

“I found out there were research positions on the sales and trading desks. I then realised that’s how I could apply all my interests.”

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