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Whitney’s university has a proudly liberal culture and is home to an exceptionally diverse student body. Whitney saw first-hand how important an inclusive culture could be and the important impact it had, including directly on her own journey. Originally intending to study English, she switched to Maths and Data Sciences after receiving the support from professors who saw her potential.

Whitney credits her experience there in defining how she now considers her own role in fostering an inclusive culture.

“I now go into any setting keeping in mind that the most authentic way to relate to people is acknowledging just how different you are, but also how you could potentially share so much with each other.”

After enjoying and gaining so much from the community-minded and liberal environment her university offered, Whitney initially assumed that banking was too large and too conservative an industry for her to thrive in. However, when she met several graduates from dbPride, our LGBTQ+ employee resource group, her opinion was changed.

“They debunked everything I thought banking was. I met people who were just like me, who listened to Madonna and loved Real Housewives.”

Hearing about Deutsche Bank’s long-standing commitment to inclusion and how that had shaped graduates’ experiences also opened Whitney’s eyes to what was possible at the bank. Encouraging diversity is a start, but creating a culture where anyone can thrive is just as important.

“That really showed the firm was making great strides, even when it wasn’t fashionable. That sold Deutsche Bank to me. At other networking events I didn’t see the same spark.”

When Whitney joined the bank in the Discretionary Portfolio Management Group she saw the various ways the bank make inclusion a reality. From the moment she accepted her offer, she was assigned a buddy and after joining she was also assigned a senior mentor. She was also surprised by how helpful her manager and colleagues were.

“He really didn’t have to do as much as he did, but like a lot of people here, he is really invested in junior talent.”

In her day-to-day work, Whitney analysed her team’s work and identified improvements for anything from presentations to streamlining processes and solving common challenges. She needed to work with a range of colleagues to do this and was able to flourish because of that dedicated support, the trust placed in her and the rapidly growing confidence that inspired.

“People always ask that everyone is at the table. They take the time to really check the temperature of everyone. It’s something I really love about the bank.”

Building a bank where everyone can prosper is a continuous process that benefits everyone, but Whitney is proof that the adage ‘good people attract good people’ is a key part of making it happen.

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