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What were you doing before Dexters and how did you join us?

I studied Microbiology at Surrey University and although I loved learning, it wasn’t the industry for me! Thankfully I had wedding photography as a side career and so, after much deliberation with my family, I decided to make photography a full time profession.

I always loved architectural photography so when I saw an opportunity for a property photographer at Dexters, I felt that this was the right way to go. It was daunting starting from scratch and at entry level, but my director and team leader were great teachers and I very quickly picked up the Dexters way of photography and floorplanning in-line with RICS guidelines.

Where did you start and where are you now?

I'm now a qualified and accredited Domestic Energy Assessor, (thanks to Dexters for providing the training) and a fully fledged member of the London Energy Assessors team.

What is your favourite thing about your role?

My favourite part about being an assessor is the opportunity to meet different people and work in different properties everyday. Some properties are simple and some are real head scratchers, but I love the challenge! I've even had the pleasure of meeting quite a few celebrities!

What advice would you give to somebody looking to get into the industry?

My advice to someone looking to get into property photography is to have keen attention to detail, patience, good time management and people skills. Being able to work professionally with different types of personalities is a big factor!

Where is your favourite place in London?

My favourite place in London is Hampstead Heath and Greenwich park as they have great views of London and I love taking photos there.

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