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Emily - Sales Manager

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What were you doing before Dexters and how did you join us?

I was an Athlete before I joined Dexters and was working as a sports agent. I didn’t feel as though I was progressing as much as I wanted to and I had a friend working for Dexters, who put me in touch with the careers team. I felt I could easily transfer to property with my experience and skills as the roles aren’t too dissimilar, you’re just negotiating different things!

Where did you start and where are you now?

I started as a Consultant in training in the Teddington office in February 2017 and got promoted to a Consultant in the St Margarets office in September 2017! I’ve since worked my way up to Senior Sales Consultant and am now office Manager in the Twickenham office! The coaching and development at Dexters has helped me progress so much. I feel really fortunate to have a mentor alongside me, who is a board director and so motivating, I feel it’s really helped me progress as quickly as I have. I also feel very grateful to be working part time in a job share now having returned from a year's maternity leave. The fact that I can still work and earn good money but spend enough time at home is very rewarding.

What is your favourite thing about your role?

The most exciting thing about my job is being able to get involved in everything from writing property descriptions and adverts to managing people as I love to see them do well.

What advice would you give to somebody looking to get into the industry?

I’d advise anyone who’s looking to get into property, to stick at the hours as it does pay off! You absolutely can progress quickly and earning good money is really rewarding! I also love being able to help my friends and family with the knowledge I have! I have benefited in particular from the hugely successful women around me - I think that's a really important point as so many industries are male dominant.

Where is your favourite place in London?

My favourite place in London has to be Bushy Park. I’ve spent so many years running around it whilst being an athlete and it’s just so lovely to go and sit in the park in the summer sun!

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