My first year at DHL


Liam Ramsbottom

Future Leaders Graduate

DHL Supply Chain

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Currently a 1st year graduate on the Future leaders schemed based on the M&S contract at Castle Donington; Day to day I am involved in transport operations and Project implementation for the site, I chose DHL because I found the industry and the potential to get involved in large scale projects so appealing.

Operational Responsibilities

  • Wages and Costings each week, this is Calculating and reporting Employee basic and variable costs to relevant stakeholders
  • Resource planning and allocation – Reporting to both stakeholders and the customer our day to day capacity for both drivers and office cover, if there are any short falls we will work with stakeholders to increase capacity through AdHoc workers.
  • Site performance – Using a range of tools to measure KPI actuals vs targets then find solutions to either reach or exceed KPI targets.
  • Coaching and Mentoring – through 1 2 1 processes, helping First Line managers and Drivers improve their performance and confident in carrying out there role.

Project implementation

Site Champion for OMS first choice – playing a significant Role in bringing DHL’s culture and framework for working on site, designing 1 2 1 and performance dialogs schedules and coaching.

Smart time implementor – contributing to create the pay rules for a new electronic pay system, coaching first line managers on how to use the system and help maintain accuracy on the system.

DHL has provided a significant amount of training both virtual and physical, within my 1st year I have completed the same management coaching courses as people who have been at the company decades.

Outside of work there is a strong Graduate culture where we have nights out together either organised by DHL or just our selves. I have genuinely made friends for life with the people I work with. The culture is all about helping everyone succeed.

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