My role as a HR Graduate


Emily Thomas

HR Graduate

DHL Supply Chain

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I chose DHL due to several reasons, however the main reasons were firstly how the culture was represented at the assessment day, all of the staff who were on the virtual day were extremely friendly and seemed genuinely proud to work at DHL and talked about the wealth of opportunities available at such a huge organisation, which leads me to my second main reason for choosing the organisation - their global presence and the opportunities this brings is something that really appealed to me in terms of my career and progression in the future.

My HR Graduate role involves acting as a HR Business Partner, supporting and advising site managers with day to day HR activity such as disciplinaries, grievances, absence management, engagement and wellbeing. Alongside this, there are various wider scale projects that I can have the opportunity to work on in the background. I have particularly enjoyed working as a HR Business Partner which has given me the opportunity to understand the day to day activity in logistics and the kind of HR activity that is involved in the role. It is fast paced, and requires you to think on your feet as there is always something new to work with. No two days are ever the same which means every day is interesting! The worst part of the job is linked to the best bit - the fast pace means that sometimes it can get really busy and it can be hard to keep up, but as I have gained experience I have learned more and more how to prioritise my workload which has been really helpful.

I have received extensive training; I have had the opportunity to undertake my Level 5 CIPD qualification, completed training on working with Unions, Employee Relations Case Management, Building Great Employee Relations, Unconscious Bias and D&I awareness, and many others using our internal training platform.

As I am still in my first placement as part of my HR Graduate Scheme, my career as not progressed as such just yet, however I will progress with my salary once I move to my second placement. My levels of responsibility within my first placement have progressed fairly rapidly, as I was given HR responsibility for two sites approximately 6 months into my placement, and this was a great opportunity for my learning, development and professional reputation in the business.

I am involved in our internal Gender Equality Network where we drive equality in our organisation. We also have a Rainbow Network to drive representation and equality among the LGBTQ+ community, as well as a Race Equity network for the very same reasons. This is something I am particularly proud of in our organisation.

What makes DHL a great place to work is the amount of opportunities for learning; I have friends outside of work who work in HR and I will often discuss with them what kind of things I am learning and working on and many will say that they have never had that level and breadth of experience in their whole careers and I am getting it in my first year in the profession, which I am really grateful for.

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