My role in sustainability at DHL

Anna Harris

Sustainability Manager

DHL Supply Chain

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Anna joined us as a Graduate in 2018, she is now is Sustainability Manager for Ireland and Northern Ireland, we thought you’d like too hear more about our Alumni!

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background?
I’m Anna, I did Music and Music Technology Degree at Oxford Brookes University started in 2014 (I think!) I am a big music fan and enjoy playing in various bands mostly as a drummer!

What excites you about the work you are doing?
The best part of my role is everything we do has a positive impact on either our colleagues, the environment or indirectly other people externally. We cover everything from D&I, employee wellbeing, reducing site and transport emissions, reducing plastic and paper, procuring more sustainable products and much more! All with a great sense of purpose!

What is your take on DHL’s approach to diversity & inclusion?

Diversity and Inclusion is one of our sustainability priorities which globally focuses on 3 areas – women in leadership, ethnic minorities, and LGBTQ+. It a localised level across Ireland and Northern Ireland we are working to improve approach to cultural changes aswell. The work we have produced so far has been widely welcomed by our colleagues who are getting involved in suggesting how best to engage with their sites and operations.

How are DHL making a difference to their impact on the environment?

This is possibly the most aggressive area of change for our ROI & NI sustainability programme. Impact can be seen through improving facilities to include more sustainable options such as solar panels, wind turbines, better heating solutions etc. This impacts improving our emissions at site level which we are also exploring with our transport footprint as well and working to reduce through new technologies such as electric vehicles, CNG gas trucks and bio-methane trucks.

At a site level we are embracing digitalisation to reduce our use of paper. Further from this we are implementing plastic replacements and exploring how we can best dispose of waste more sustainably. To ensure all our colleagues are part of our green journey, each colleague must complete compulsory GoGreen training which is completed in two modules.

How has the graduate program and the experiences you’ve gained helped with your career progression and success?
The graduate program allows you to be exposed to DHLSC in a way that no other colleagues get the opportunity to. You have a fast track pass to seeing areas of the operation and exposure to mentors and colleagues that are the best of the best. Development and training is a key part of the programme which give you the best start to your career with the best standards.

Finally, any tips for Graduates looking to start their career with us at DHL?
Network, network, network! This is critical to opening doors to new opportunities and showcasing who you are as an individual. Also say yes! If an opportunity arises which you may unsure of, say yes and give it a go. Worst that happens is you know you don’t like that area of the business which is helpful in its place. You never know what that opportunity could open the door to….

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