A typical day in IT

My first role was in "Retail & Consumer" where I started on a project using Internet of Things technology to track cages.


Ruby Riley

IT Manager

DHL Supply Chain

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I started DHL in September 2020 on the IT Graduate program. The scheme lasts 2 years. My first role was in "Retail & Consumer" where I started on a project using Internet of Things technology to track cages. The first few months were full of induction calls and networking to understand the scale of DHL and what we do! I then joined various projects such as working on removing paper picking and automating this to writing the business requirements document for a new build warehouse for Mars.

In my second year I joined a central IT team where I was the IT product manager for "Digital Performance Dialogues". This was very different to my previous roles but it was fun to see the product grow and our warehouses start to digitalize. Finally, I took a short secondment to support JCB as their IT Manager. This was a great opportunity to step up.

I have just off boarded the scheme and am the IT Manager for a new automated warehouse in the West Midlands. I have a team of two other (IT Analyst and Senior Analyst) working with me. It's a fast-paced project and I'm excited to be a part of it.

A typical day in IT

I tend to do a mixture of in-person and remote work currently. A typical day will have a few planned calls in then I'll usually have a few spontaneous ones too. I love speaking with people so having lots of calls is ideal for me. Usually, I work on projects so there'll be weekly workstream update calls, risk workshops, integration or system design calls. Day-to-day also involves helping colleagues with IT questions or pointing them in the right direction if they need support with hardware.

Training - The best training (in my opinion!) was the Insights training. We answered a series of questions to get a 'colour' and then did some in-person training to look at how different people have different working styles. I find this so helpful because I work with lots of people and understanding different leadership styles is very helpful so I can tailor my approach.

Networks - I'm involved in the Women in IT (part of the Gender Equality network). We have calls to discuss various topics and it's a chance to network with other women in the business.

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