Why I joined DHL

I chose to join DHL for the broad range of opportunities offered to Graduates. With a three year rotational scheme, there is the chance to gain a wide range of skills across different areas of the business.


Callum Hogg

Project Manager (Future Leaders Graduate)

DHL Supply Chain

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I chose to join DHL for the broad range of opportunities offered to Graduates. With a three year rotational scheme, there is the chance to gain a wide range of skills across different areas of the business. Due to the nature of the scheme you also got the chance to work with many great teams and individuals.

I joined the scheme as a warehouse first line manager at a fairly new site that was on-boarding new customers. This gave me the opportunity to learn to manage teams whilst also working closely with different clients. I thoroughly enjoyed this role as I was given responsibility from day one, in addition to the freedom to make my own decisions that I believed would benefit the business. I believe that starting in an operational role with DHL is vital to understanding what it takes to be a successful leader in the business. No two days are the same, and it is always about the people. You learn quickly that without the support network, or if you do not act as that support network for your team, then things will not run as you would like them to. During my first placement, I specifically enjoyed working on a project the wider business unit. I helped to plan the relocation of a contract from on site to another. My role in the project was to determine the following and present it to the vice president:

Required resource
Space requirements
Location setup
Financial cost of move

This was a very challenging project, as it was not like anything I had done before. But again, with the freedom and support offered to me it was very rewarding to see it all come together.

I am now working as a project manager on a very different site. Even though this has been another operational role, it has been a completely new experience for myself. As a project manager at this site I have been working on projects to improve the efficiency of the operation- such as space needs, resources, alternative types of picking and a change of processes. This has been extremely stimulating for me as I have had a chance to step back from the day to day operation and look at areas that I can really make a difference in. I have also had the opportunity to work with a wide range of departments, such as IT, finance, customer services and transport. My favorite project this year was a creating a new layout for a pick walk based on demand and product size. Seeing it come to fruition in the form of increased rates, and positive feedback from both the colleagues and the customer really highlights to you that in a short time with the company you can make a difference.

A great feature of the scheme is the CSCM training module. This course really helps you polish your tools as a manager, and provides you with some really helpful insights in how to get the best from your team. Additionally, the wide range of material offered on the companies training website (My Talent World) provides you with endless opportunities to learn more.

Since joining the scheme, I feel like I have really grown as a person. Not only socially, but professionally. The Future Leaders Scheme pushes you to learn everyday. You will not always be told how to do something, instead you will have to go away and come back with your own solutions. Recently I have pushed myself to learn how to use Visual basics on excel to help automate the work that is done at my site. Yes, this has been beneficial for my colleagues, but on a personal level, it reminds me that you can always pick up new skills. I did not enjoy computing at school, and when I joined the scheme I had a fairly basic understanding of excel, but now I feel like I have a completely new skill at my disposal.

Personally, I feel like my career with DHL is really starting to take off. Now that I am coming to the end of my second placement, I have started to think about what role I would like to see myself in when I offboard. My goal is to become an operations manager after the scheme. With this goal in mind, I have considered the areas that I need to pursue in my final year to prepare myself for this step up. My final placement will be with a transport department. This is an area of the business I have not yet explored, and want to understand in order to be a successful operations manager. I have really looking forward to this next step forward in my career.

DHL is a great place to work for many reasons; the opportunities, challenges and room for personal growth (to mention a few). But ultimately, it is great because of the people culture. The company appreciates that everything is about the people. Every site is like a family, dysfunctional at times, but there to support each other.

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