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I studied Mathematics at university since I really enjoy the problem solving involved and the satisfaction you gain when you find the solution, but when I finished my degree I had no idea what type of career I wanted to pursue! Until I came across the job advert for Dorset Software, I hadn’t considered a career in IT. My experience in IT was very limited; I had gained some from volunteering but didn’t have any experience in programming at all. However Dorset Software caught my attention straight away, not only due to the fact that no specific IT knowledge was required but also that it gave me a cheerful and welcoming feel from the off.

The role of Analyst Tester attracted me the most since I’m quite a picky person and like things to work perfectly! After applying for this role, I received a response and had a telephone interview the following day, then was invited to attend an interview in Poole shortly after. I found the interview as stress free as it could be! Everyone was really friendly, I was given a lot of useful information about the company and I got a sense then that it would be a great environment to work in. A couple of days after that I received a job offer, so the whole process was very quick.

As an Analyst Tester, my training initially started with programming modules. You start right from the basics which was perfect for someone like me who had no experience in programming at all, but is also good for those with experience since it provides an introductory refresher. At times I may have struggled more than others due to my initial lack of programming knowledge, however I was constantly supported by a mentor who was always happy to help. The same can also be said beyond the training, there is always someone available to provide help and advice when needed.  Following the programming modules I moved onto the testing modules and then studied for and achieved my ISTQB foundation testing qualification. Overall the training was intense and I definitely learnt a lot in a short amount of time.

My experience since has mainly been working in the IT Systems Management team. This has involved writing step by step test cases based on test plans, testing new releases of clients’ systems before they are delivered, contributing to the maintenance of systems currently being used by clients and providing them with help and advice. There are many opportunities for me to apply the skills I learnt during my degree, for example, using my analytical skills to understand the specification for a system in order to determine whether an issue reported is a bug or expected behaviour. The work is varied and interesting so no two days are the same! There is also the opportunity to not only do extra training modules in your own stream, but also in other streams which greatly helps to broaden your knowledge.

I think Dorset Software is great company to work for. The working environment is relaxed and friendly and there is a fantastic collaboration between employees. Aside from the work itself there is also a great social community! There are various social events during the year and sporting activities during the week which provide brilliant opportunities to get to know your colleagues.