After completing my studies I was interested to find out what opportunities were available in the IT industry. I came across the advertisement for positions at Dorset Software and applied. I didn’t have much IT experience but the work sounded really interesting. The interview process was very friendly and I was offered a job shortly after.

My first few months were spent completing a training course which included a range of modules. After training I worked at a number of client sites, working on websites and desktop applications. The work was varied across a number of industries including health care, finance, and online retail. Working at client sites is a great way to be exposed to different technologies and gave me valuable experience.

For the last three years I’ve worked on a team managing internal and client systems and every day is different. One day we could be deploying a new version of an application to a client system, the next day we could be solving a connectivity issue involving SQL server instances or creating a new set of virtual machines in the cloud. Covering different types of work in this way has really helped to improve my knowledge and skills.

The social side of Dorset Software is fantastic. There are lots of activities including summer parties organised by the company and informal weekly gatherings at the pub. There are also a number of sporting activities that are subsidised by the company. I would say that Dorset Software is a great place to start your career in IT.

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