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I studied Physics with Astrophysics at university which gave me some basic IT experience. I became familiar with a wide variety of different software applications, did an introductory programming course and had some labs working with digital electronics. I therefore had quite broad interest and experience in IT.

When it came time to start applying for jobs I wasn’t sure what I really wanted to do.  The great thing about Dorset Software was that there were a number of roles available, all of which I had an interest in, so I ended up applying for three different positions. Shortly after submitting my application I had a short telephone interview and was invited to an interview in Poole. The company paid for my travel expenses to come down and even offered to pay for a hotel for me to stay in overnight. The interview process was really relaxed and helped me to decide on which role to choose. A couple of days after my interview I received an offer by telephone to start as an Applications Engineer the next month.

Upon starting I first received some basic Network and Infrastructure training. This gave me a broad overview of the hardware components of a computer and how to link them together within a network and all of the processes and protocols that go with this. I then started on a slimmed down programming course. I struggled with some aspects of this, but my mentor was able to nudge me in the right direction and I eventually got the hang of it.

After completing my Applications Engineer training I began to work in the IT system management team. This work covered a broad range of activities and applications. From writing SQL scripts to alter data in databases, to customising various off the shelf applications, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Kentico. I also spent time providing fixes and instructing end users on how to use Dorset Software’s custom applications.

After working in ITSM for a while I felt that I wanted to do some more programming work. After speaking to my manager I was given some time to finish the programming course and I’m now able to do some programming work alongside my applications engineering role.

Possibly the best part of working in Poole is that instead of having a long commute on the tube, like most of my friends back home, I have a short cycle along the beach.