I studied Physics with Astrophysics at university which gave me some basic IT experience. I became familiar with a wide variety of different software applications, did an introductory programming course and had some labs working with digital electronics. I therefore had quite broad interest and experience in IT.

Shortly after submitting my application I had a short preliminary interview and was then invited to an interview in Poole. The company paid for my travel expenses to come down and even offered to pay for a hotel for me to stay in overnight. The interview process was really relaxed. A couple of days after my interview I received an offer to start the next month.

After completing my training I began to work in the IT systems management team. This work covered a broad range of activities and applications. From writing SQL scripts to alter data in databases, to customising various off the shelf applications, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Kentico. I also spent time providing fixes and instructing end users on how to use Dorset Software’s custom applications.

Possibly the best part of working in Poole is that instead of having a long commute on the tube, like most of my friends back home, I have a short cycle along the beach.

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