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How I got the job was Cameron (Empiric's internal recruiter) found me via LinkedIn and setup an initial chat, where he told me all the benefits around a job in recruitment. He was extremely honest about the role, stating its not your ‘typical 9-5’ and you do need to put the work in. However, if you work hard and do well the benefits you can get out of a job in recruitment and in particular at Empiric are massive. The company do lots of amazing incentives for the workforce which are based on high performance as any good company would be. Although, more than that Empiric cares about the health and wellbeing of its employees, setting up; meditation and workout classes via Zoom or Microsoft teams. This was amplified during the time of a pandemic, which has been tough for most people and showed me Empiric does more than a standard company. Which was one of the main reasons I choose to work here!

The role entails mainly speaking to fantastic candidates who operate in your specialised market, which in my case is ‘Salesforce’. What a day to day task would be is liaising with my manager who has an urgent role with one of his great clients that needs filled. Subsequently, I shall use different avenues such as; put out job posts, send in mails through LinkedIn, check our systems, check on job boards and headhunt to find the best candidates for the role in as quick a time as possible. Furthermore, as I am progressing within the company to promotion stage I have started the business development side of the role which entails engaging with some of the biggest clients in my market, building relationships with them to allow me to work roles for them in the future.

Empiric have a great training programme, working closely with Chris and Francesca who operate in the learning and development team. They provide 1 on 1 specific training for your own bespoke plan to make sure you have all the tools to get great at the job. In addition, I work extremely close with my manager David who is a ‘Principle Consultant’ in the business after working his way up since he became a graduate joiner of Empiric only just more than a few years ago. They are excellent at providing you with all their experiences to help you get better- but also realising every person is different and help different people learn in unique ways.

The training team at Empiric have a dedicated 6-month training course in which covers all aspects of what is required in the role. This process, which I am still underway at the moment. Has been great, it has taught me all the basics to the more advanced sides of the job- allowing me to perform at a very high level for how inexperienced I am in the role. Which is of major benefit to both me and Empiric.

The work I have done since joining the company has been great, helping my team grow within our specialised market of ‘Salesforce’. What this means is, adding relevant managers from companies and great candidates to our system. To then make contact with them and try place the candidates into amazing new roles with Empirics cliental base and in addition add more clients to that base. It is a fast paced and exciting role which has a very professional feel too it!

Things I particularly enjoy about the job is, firstly the team spirit- everyone in the team is very welcoming and always creating a good atmosphere around the workplace which massively helps to keep performance high. Further to this, as previously mentioned the professionalism of the job is a great thing to have as I feel pride in the work I am doing. Talking to major organisations all over Europe, in addition to really intelligent candidates and placing those candidates into the great companies is a very fulfilling role to do!

The main challenges would be starting the role from a fully remote scenario, due to Covid 19. This could’ve been very tough and confusing. However, the way Empiric onboarded me and gave me a structured schedule to follow was massive in allowing it to be a smooth transition and allowed me to get a hang of the job very early and get some quick success.

The team spirit of Empiric is great, the full company has a good feeling about the place all the time. Further to that, the incentives that the company put on such as skiing trips, trips to big fancy all inclusive – fancy villas and other great locations are also amazing. Overall, the company does care about the employee too- ensuring everyone does work hard but also stays fit and active and mentally remains charged so they can perform the best and feel great too!