Charlotte - from Tutor to Director

Charlotte - from Tutor to Director

Explore Learning

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I began working at Explore Learning as a tutor in 2014, whilst I was studying Drama and Education Studies at University. I loved supporting each and every child with their work! After living in Asia for four years as a child and witnessing how education is so valued to those who have so little, I knew I wanted to ensure every child experiences the best education and I feel that is exactly what Explore Learning does.

Every day at Explore is different which keeps it exciting and unique as a job. I always wanted to work in the education sector and whilst being a tutor I was planning to become a teacher. Being a tutor made me realise how great Explore is, it offers a fun and educational experience for children in order for every child to reach their full potential. From understanding this my plans changed. As soon as I graduated I knew I wanted to apply for the manager position.

I feel that Explore Learning offers such a great service to both children and parents. The most rewarding part of the role is seeing children progress and be so happy and excited to tell you about their achievements. I find myself smiling every day at work! Following my success as a manager, I was promoted to become a Centre Director, and I can’t wait to see how my Explore Learning career progresses.

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