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I have been a Tutor at Explore Learning – Northampton, for over 5 years now. When I first started, my main role was supporting members of a variety of ages with their maths and English.

With the incredible training and support of my managers, I was able to master the role and then progress to being a showtime manager. This gave me the opportunity to regularly interact with families, increase my level of responsibility by managing the logistics and time management of children’s sessions, as well as supporting tutors in my team. It also gave me the opportunity to be trained in how to interact with prospective members and book them in for taster sessions.

Running showtime has led me to have a greater understanding of how Explore Learning works as a business. I have been able to develop and enhance my skills in customer service, communication, and managing team members.

Working for Explore Learning has given me experience in how to problem solve and think on my feet. The company have instilled in me the importance of maintaining the best quality service to offer to all current and prospective members. As a company we are proud to have channelled this into our ‘Explore at Home’ membership and I am proud to be a part of the goal to ‘keep education going’. Seeing the members continue to achieve those light-bulb moments always remind me just how rewarding it is to be a tutor at Explore Learning.

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