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'I just love it! We have such a close-knit team of GMPCs and the core hub team that I have learnt so much and have helped groups to grow and develop by being there to support them. All while delivering projects in the local community that help the local students and families. What more can you ask for?!'

'Since I have arrived, my experience of working with the FutureSense Foundation has already been truly incredible, for both my personal and professional development. Alongside the staff, who have been incredibly helpful throughout my time in-country, I already feel I have learnt a number of new skills and confidences from the training we have received. Any initial anxieties I had coming into the role of GMPC have been alleviated, and I look forward to meeting my groups and starting to implement the FutureSense Foundation Workshops.'

'I think it took me a little bit of time to adjust to the pace of the work when first arriving to the FutureSense hub, but I feel like I have since adapted and I now love the excitement that comes with the new tasks we are set everyday.'

'The overall kindness and support of the local team and the housekeepers is amazing. They clean for us, cook for us and take care of us like family.'

'The onboarding training really was a great introduction to the role. The two training weeks provided a nice time to ease into everything and I am very excited to carry on into the role!'

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