A typical project for a GMPC

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A typical project is 2-4 weeks long and has by some been described as similar to a summer camp due to the intensity of the work and the connections formed.

The GMPC will support a group of project participants that visit the hub for 2-4 weeks.

This includes:

Sat: Picking up participants from the airport

Sat-Mon: Facilitating participants full onboarding to the project


  • Coordinating the logistics for the groups (meals & transport)
  • Helping and if needed leading project activities (workshops, tree planting, animal welfare activities, site visits and meetings)
  • Helping plan and prepare for project activities
  • Arranging group bonding activities and 'free time' cultural activities
  • Weekly reporting on the project activities to uphold ethical community development practices and ensure accountability to the local community
  • Engage the group in reflective discussions to mentor them and help them grow as individuals

The weekends may be free for GMPC to do as they wish OR they may have some organised cultural activities for the groups such as visits to Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Chiang May in Thailand, Kathmandu historical areas in Nepal, Dharamshala in India. If such activities are prepared for the group the GMPC will travel with the group and has the opportunity to join in on the sightseeing as a perk of the job!

After having supported a group the GMPC received time in lieu to rest and recover before taking on a new group!

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