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In the early 1980s some thought was given to what our slogan might be if we were ever to advertise. The one we liked best was: “You’ll be glad you had that tax problem”. Let us explain why.

The period since our Chambers were established in 1965 has seen the expansion of the tax base, the introduction, with some frequency, of new forms of direct and indirect taxation, and the growing impact of Europe.

New taxes and European law brought, and continue to bring, complication to the world of tax; and they create or increase the need for highly competent legal advice relating to fiscal problems.

The aim of all of us here is to meet that need.

Our aim

Our ambition is to prevent tax problems from arising, we do that by keeping pace with the increasing technicality of the tax system, by maintaining a deep and expert knowledge of its detail, by providing helpful, innovative, elegant and simple solutions to the tax problems which ordinary life brings to individuals and which business brings to all involved in it; and, above all, we do it by giving advice without sitting on fences.

We think of ourselves as a family; and we enjoy working together and the work that we do. We hope to convey our sense of enjoyment and our pleasure in helping others to all our clients: individuals, trusts, partnerships, business organisations and corporations, large or small.


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