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The grad scheme has been a great experience; everyone you work with really emphasises that we are here to learn as much as possible, and that is reflected in the effort that goes into each placement (and beyond). Every team I’ve joined has prepared a personal ‘journey’ of projects to work on, that suit my current skill set and developmental goals. So you are always learning new skills and tech, but still feel like you’ve made a meaningful contribution to the team by the end of each placement. This fosters an ideal balance of responsibility, without too much pressure.

The culture at IG is extremely personal. Everyone you come across is more than happy to take time to help with a problem, or to just grab a coffee and play some pool. Each year there are several opportunities to collaborate outside your usual placements and work on something different; hackathons, innovation days, refresh weeks & more all mean that you’ll never get bored on a single job, and you’re exposed to colleagues in every department, making valuable contacts and friends along the way.

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