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10 Oct 2023




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Are you an aspiring Software Engineer but don’t come from the typical coding background?

Tech Connect is designed for individuals from all different backgrounds and experiences, who do not have formal computer science / Software engineer education, but have the drive and desire to become successful Software Engineers.

Join our virtual ‘Explore Tech Connect’ event to hear all about the program and how to apply.

This event is suitable for students graduating in 2023-2024.

You’ll hear from the Program Management Team and the Recruiters. This is a great opportunity to hear about J.P. Morgan and how non Computer Science students can code their way into our Graduate Software Engineer Program.

Launching your career through Tech Connect means you will:
Join a full-time, multi-week Java training program to build your coding knowledge and skills, and prepare for your transition to our full-time two-year Software Engineer Program.
• Receive specialized technical training and one-on-one coaching from our team of expert developers and support from managers, senior leaders, and your program management teams.
• Work with colleagues to create innovative solutions that make a difference for our customers, clients and employees.
• Create and improve the design, analytics, coding and testing for high-quality software and new products.
• Own projects, keeping teams and stakeholders up to speed on the progress of what’s being developed.
• Participate in our Force for Good program to develop tech-based solutions for social good organizations while learning new skills and collaborating with JPMorgan Chase tech experts.

Explore Tech Connect - EMEA

10 October 2023
16.00 - 17.00