The strengths KPMG is looking for

Throughout the application process, KPMG recruiters will be hoping to see evidence of the 11 key strengths they value. Make sure you understand what they are, and how you can demonstrate them.

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1. Career motivation

Can you explain why you want to work in the business area you’ve indicated on your application form (Why do you think you’re suited to it? Can you explain what it involves?), and why you want to work for KPMG specifically? Recruiters want to see that you can articulate why KPMG is your first choice of employer (top tip: saying ‘You’re the best!’ won’t wash!). You’ve got to do your research on the firm if you want to demonstrate your career motivation successfully.

2. Communicate effectively

Whatever business line you choose, it’s vital that you can communicate with colleagues and clients clearly. Demonstrate your written and verbal communication skills in your application and throughout the recruitment process. Check your online application for any grammar or spelling mistakes carefully, and then check it once again to make sure every sentence makes sense. At interview or at any Virtual Launch Pad events, speak clearly and articulately.

3. Credible connector

As well as being able to communicate effectively, you need to show KPMG recruiters that you can go a step further and create connections with other people (colleagues and clients alike). They want to see that you’re listening to other people and understanding what they are saying as well (both their verbal and non-verbal signals).

4. Critical thinker

If you work at KPMG you’ll be helping to solve clients’ problems through the analysis and interpretation of complex information. You’ll need to be able to understand situations and come up with solutions. Your performance in the online assessments – both when you apply and the additional test you will take during the Virtual Launch Pad assessment day – should go a long way to demonstrating your critical thinking ability.

5. Demonstrate integrity

Can you show KPMG recruiters that ethics matter to you, and that your future colleagues will be able to rely upon you to do the right thing? Think of instances in the past when you have set a positive example, respected the policies of a workplace, or been trusted with something important, whether in work, a volunteering activity, on a sports team or during another extracurricular activity.

6. Drive quality

KPMG wants you not only to do your job but also to do it well, producing results that are high in quality and as problem-free as possible. Be prepared to talk at interview about situations when you’ve achieved results you’re proud of. Can you take on a task, consider any issues that may arise and achieve a high-quality result?

7. Foster innovation

Can you look at a complex situation and think of a new solution, no matter how small? During the recruitment process at KPMG, refer to times when you’ve inspired change. Maybe you’ve tweaked a process to make it more efficient or successful – it doesn’t have to mean inventing something brand new from scratch.

8. Leverage technology

Unless you are applying for an IT job that requires specific programming languages, KPMG employers will merely expect you to be familiar with common programs and apps (such as Microsoft Office). But they will want to see that you can appreciate and be enthusiastic about the opportunities that technology can offer.

9. Purposeful collaborator

Working at KPMG means working in teams – and often you may be part of more than one team – with colleagues, and possibly clients. Show recruiters that you are a good team player and can achieve results through making sure that you can make the most of the different areas of expertise and viewpoints in a team (Virtual Launch Pad could be a good opportunity to do this, as well as giving examples in your interview).

10. Resilient performer

During your working life, there will be times when things don’t go to plan or smoothly. Resilience is the ability to face hurdles without allowing them to take over your life. It is not about being unmoved by stress or pressure; it is about recognising when you are affected by it and having coping strategies to manage it. During the recruitment process, having a positive attitude will suggest to recruiters that you’re likely to be resilient.

11. Show curiosity

In most contexts, being inquisitive is generally how improvement happens. Show that you’re interested in KPMG and how it works by asking intelligent questions at Virtual Launch Pad. Think about times in your past when you’ve learnt from mistakes and have been determined to find ways to improve.

For more advice and examples, and tips on how to develop them, take a look at our skills and competencies section.

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