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I was very attracted to Kubrick’s emphasis on bringing more women into the data industry – and I wanted to be one of them!

I studied English Literature at The University of Leeds, which was certainly not a STEM subject. I didn’t know anything about data and technology until I read Tim Wu’s fascinating book The Attention Merchants. By the end, I was hooked. I love diving into the granular details of a story, making meaningful connections between words and broader contexts, and analysing a large body of information (like a novel) to look for incisive messages and trends.

To me, data is similar in many ways. Out of large swathes of information – some of it superfluous, some of it like gold – interesting or important insights can illuminate the unknown and influence thought processes and decision-making. By creating the right tools to refine and manage valuable information, tiny chunks of numbers and words here and there can become a robust body of intelligence, which is something very powerful. With data, like with literature, the devil is really in the detail.

In the year between graduating from university and joining Kubrick, I worked in a few short-term roles in the film, TV, and theatre industry, and as a consumer insights consultant on qualitative market research studies. Nothing else seemed quite so urgent or interesting. I wanted a career that would challenge me, in an industry I found exciting, and in a role that would provide me with the right training to approach the ever-more tech-driven future ahead of me.

Coming from a non-technical/non-scientific academic background, I really valued how Kubrick not only accepts but actively seeks out people with other skills and perspectives. I was excited that I was encouraged to bring something different to the table. I was also very attracted to Kubrick’s emphasis on bringing more women into the data industry – and I wanted to be one of them!

Everything I am learning at Kubrick is new to me, so I am constantly developing new skills. For the first time, I am being taught how to code, about current industry-standard data management software, about digital compliance, all whilst strengthening my communication, presentation, and comprehension skills.

The culture at Kubrick is great. Everyone here is friendly, the trainers are extremely encouraging, the work-ethic is energetic and fast-paced, and the achievements of the company are nothing less than inspiring!

If you are considering a career in data and technology, read around the industry and find what makes you most excited, then communicate your enthusiasm to Kubrick. You don’t need to start out with technical skills, but you should be able to strike up an interesting conversation about data!

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